Vander's Pride

History and Background

Vander’s Pride was founded nearly eight years ago by a band of escaped Tyrian slaves led by the hero Vander. The town has successfully fought off everything from slaver tribes to wild beasts to the prying eyes of templars still loyal to the Sorcerer-King Kalak.

Three years ago, Vander took a small band of hunters into the wastes to forage. They never returned. The rumor holds that the entire expedition succumbed to sun sickness and died, stark-raving mad in the middle of the dunes.

Today, Linessa, Vander’s daughter, is the leader of the community. She is advised by Zel, an elemental priest and close friend of Vander.

Notable Places

  • The Broken Shackle: The only tavern in Vander’s Pride, the Broken Shackle is owned by the aging mul gladiator Tormog. The tavern caters to citizens, the traders of House Nekura, and the few travelers who make their way through the village.
  • The Barracks: A small stone building against the southern wall, the barracks are home to a small garrison of guardsmen led by the half-elf Kresh. The guards are well-supplied for a group of former slaves thanks to the work of the dwarven smith Derkhan.
  • The Well: The central feature of Vander’s Pride, the well is nearly 100 feet deep and always guarded by at least one guardsman. Citizens of Vander’s Pride are allowed one full skin of water from the well per day. Traveler’s are charged two bits for a water refill, though Nekuran merchants are given a discount in exchange for their continued patronage of the town.
  • Watch Post: Situated on a small plateau in the northeast of the town, the watch post is manned by two guardsmen during the day and three at night. A horn hangs on a post to warn of any dangers approaching Vander’s Pride.
  • Boneyard: This small hill is dotted with the graves of Vander’s Pride citizens who have died throughout the town’s history. Not all of the graves are filled, however. A pack of hyenas raided the town a couple of months ago and carried away some of the corpses.

Vander's Pride

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